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Double Five (55) – Your go-to brand for top-notch stunt scooters and funsport products

For over five years, the Double Five (55) brand has represented the highest quality in the field of funsport products. With a specialization in the trending sport of stunt scooters, the Hamburg-based company aims to provide an unbeatable price-performance ratio, especially for kids in the stunt scooter scene. The focus is on young beginners who, with high-quality complete scooters at a low price, should find their way into the world of stunt scooting.

The story of Double Five (55) began with a simple idea: to develop top-class and flawless wheels for stunt scooters that do not exceed the price range. In 2016, the company started designing and building a stunt scooter wheel, marking the starting point for an intensive and successful development and production of high-quality stunt scooter parts. After five years of hard work and continuous improvement, Double Five (55) has now developed its own complete scooters for the first time in 2021. Throughout this process, the core goal of making high-quality stunt scooters and parts accessible to everyone has never been lost sight of.

The brand name Double Five (55) emerged curiously while examining the first wheel prototype more closely. The requirement was to develop a durable scooter wheel that does not look too bulky and should therefore be equipped with spokes. The decision was made for a variant with five double spokes per wheel. Upon examining the prototype, it became clear – the name should be Double Five (55) because of the five double spokes. The number 55 also has a special meaning: letting go of the old and living the new! The brand encourages people to try new things and have the courage to let go of the old. With innovative technologies, ideas, and state-of-the-art designs, Double Five (55) accompanies you on your journey!

The Double Five (55) product range is diverse and includes both complete scooters and individual parts such as wheels, forks, decks, and much more. The complete scooters are perfect for beginners who want to get started right away without having to worry about assembling individual components. Double Five (55) focuses on high-quality materials and excellent workmanship to provide you with the best possible performance and durability.

For those who prefer to assemble their scooter themselves, Double Five (55) offers a wide range of individual parts that allow you to customize the stunt scooter according to your needs and preferences. With a large selection of colors and designs, you will surely find the right parts to make your scooter a real eye-catcher.

In addition to the high quality of the products, Double Five (55) places great emphasis on customer satisfaction and first-class service. The competent team is always available to answer questions, provide tips and tricks about stunt scooting, or help you choose the right scooter or part. This way, you can be sure that you will find exactly what suits you and meets your requirements.

Through continuous research and development, Double Five (55) strives to stay at the cutting edge and incorporate the latest technologies and trends into its products. Close collaboration with experts and professionals from the stunt scooter scene ensures that community feedback flows directly into product development and optimally meets riders’ needs.

Furthermore, Double Five (55) is committed to promoting the stunt scooter scene as a whole. The company supports local events, competitions, and workshops to further spread interest in stunt scooting and nurture young talent. By collaborating with schools and youth facilities, Double Five (55) contributes to more kids discovering the fascination of this trendy sport and developing their skills and passion.

"It all started with a wheel..."

In terms of sustainability, Double Five (55) sets a good example. Scooters and parts are produced in compliance with the highest environmental and social standards. Environmentally friendly materials and resource-saving manufacturing processes are used to keep the ecological footprint as small as possible.

Another important aspect at Double Five (55) is safety. All products are developed and manufactured according to strict safety standards to ensure a high level of protection and reliability. The scooters and parts are designed for durability and stability so that you can confidently and safely explore the world of stunt scooting. Overall, Double Five (55) impresses with a successful combination of first-class products, fair prices, competent service, and a strong commitment to the stunt scooter scene.

The brand has made it its mission to give everyone the opportunity to enjoy high-quality stunt scooters and parts, thus facilitating entry into this fascinating trendy sport.

So if you are looking for a reliable partner for your stunt scooter adventure, Double Five (55) is the perfect choice. Let the quality and passion of the brand convince you and rediscover the world of stunt scooting. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, with Double Five (55), you are guaranteed to find the right scooter and the perfect parts to take your skills to the next level.


Our Complete Scooters combine highest quality and cool design!



The brand’s first models impress with excellent quality and are ideal as beginner scooters for children from a height of 120 cm with a maximum weight of 80 kg. The Complete Scooters with an overall height of 79 cm weigh 3.74 kg and are available in three trendy colours: Green/Orange, Black/Neochrome and Orange/Blue.


Deck: Integrated | L: 50cm | B: 12cm
Griptape: Double Five Griptape
Fork: DoubleFive Steel HIC Fork | Conversion to SCS possible
Bar: T-Bar | H: 55cm | B: 55cm
Clamp: Double Five Double Clamp
Grips: anaquda Grips 
Brake: anaquda Fender Flexbrake
Wheels: 110 mm ABEC 11 Aluminium Core
Headset: Double Five Integrated
Total size: 79 cm
Weight: 3,74 kg
Max. Rider weight: 80 kg

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